The next conferences will be held in:

  • Amsterdam (6th of October 2016)
  • Chicago (27th of October 2016)

In order to enable the best possible interaction between speakers and attendees, the number of seats is limited. However, all sessions are recorded and will be viewable shortly after the conference.

The attendee reservation site will be opened soon!

9.00-9.10Kick offEnrico Signoretti (@esignoretti). A short introduction to the agenda and the speakers.
9.10-9.35Herman Rutten: SDS/HCI

Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) have no doubt been hot topics for the last few years. With vendors marketing these terms widely and wildly, as well as many new players entering the storage arena, it's getting more and more difficult to discern the differences between the host of solutions that you can choose from.Herman Rutten will deep-dive with you into what products are out there, what market trends are visible, what you should be looking for and where to thread carefully. At the same time, Herman will show you the value that the independent WhatMatrix comparison solution brings to the table when trying to find the right choice that fits your specific needs.
9.35-10.00Sponsored session: VeeamVeeam
10.0-10.25Arjan Timmerman: SDDCSoftware Defined is something a lot of companies are talking about these days. That's why In this session we will discuss use cases for the Software Defined Data Center and what it could do for your company/customer. Things like VMware vRealize, Cisco UCS Director and Openstack. Make sure to bring your comments and questions as this will be an interactive session.
10.25-10.50Sponsored session: TBDTBD
10:50 - 11:10Coffee breakCoffee break
11:10 - 11:35Nigel Poulton: Container Security: The Good, the Bad and the ComplexIs it true that containers are insecure? Is it true that container are more secure than VMs? Get up to speed on the state of security in the container world.
11:35 - 12:00Sponsored session: TBDTBD
12.00 - 12:25Enrico Signoretti: IT infrastructure transformationIn this session, Enrico will interview an end user (Head of IT infrastructure for an Italian Bank) about his IT infrastructure and the interesting choices he has made to make it flexible and agile. The chat will be focused on the role of automation, how provisioning is done and how the whole infrastructure is managed.
Attendees will be invited to ask their question and make the session even more interactive and worthwhile!
12:25 - 12:50Sponsored session: TBDTBD
12.50-13.40Light lunchLight lunch
13.40-14:05Giuseppe Paterno: Practical Multi-CloudEverybody wants to embrace new cloud architectures such as OpenStack. But how to make the adoption efficient? This talk will explore how I optimized workloads in a complex company to achieve their goals. This session Will go through the details of balancing between VMWare, OpenStack and Azure for their needs and automation with Ansible and a centralized efficiency with SecurePass and a Cloud Management Platform. Be ready for demo time :D
14:05 - 14:30Sponsored session: TBDTBD
14.30-14.55Martin Glassborow: StorageStorage
14.55-15.20Sponsored session: TBDTBD
15.20-15.35Coffee breakCoffee break
15.35-16.00Greg Ferro: NetworkingSDN
16:00 - 16:25Sponsored session: TBDTBD
16.25 - 16.55"Panel: Ask Me Anything"
Open panel: Where 3 influencers and 3 sponsors will answers to questions coming from the attendees.

Moderator: Chris Evans
16.55 - 17-25"Panel: Ask Me Anything" Open panel: Where 2 influencers and 4 sponsors will answers to questions coming from the attendees.

Moderator: Chris Evans
17.25 - 17.30Closing remarks
17.30-...Beers and Cocktails
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