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Druva & Amazon Web Services Deliver Co-Engineered Snowball Edge Appliance

Druva, a cloud-based data protection company, announced the availability of an Amazon / Druva co-engineered AWS Snowball Edge appliance.

Snowball Edge appliances make sense for customers who need to ship very large amounts of data to the cloud; usually ingress (from an AWS perspective) traffic is not charged, but the challenge is mainly with the incredibly long time it takes to transfer huge amounts of data via the Internet. Regular Snowball Edge appliances greatly reduce these transfer times.

Druva customers can now order Snowball Edge appliances directly from the Druva Phoenix console. Once received, they plug and configure the AWS/Druva Snowball Edge appliance and point their data backups to the appliance. When done, all customers have to do is ship the appliance back and wait until it is loaded into AWS. From that point, the data is loaded natively into Druva’s cloud-based SaaS Data Protection solution and there’s no further change the customers need to do.

Each Snowball Edge appliance can contain up to 100 TB of data; the data stored on the appliance is encrypted and the appliance is engineered with tampering evidence mechanisms to identify any attempt to physically gain access to data.

We understand this offering is currently available in the North American market but will likely expand abroad as well.