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TECHunplugged helps promote Computational Storage in collaboration with NGD Systems

The TECHunplugged team was at the Global Expo AI & Big Data conference in London on 25-26 April 2019. We had the pleasure to be present there in cooperation with NGD Systems and

TECHunplugged has been enthusiastic about the fundamental transformation brought forth by computational storage, a new paradigm in data processing. NGD Systems is one of the major driving forces behind the adoption of computational storage, and as such TECHunplugged has been collaborating with NGD Systems to educate and inform its audience about computational storage.

We had the opportunity while in London to talk with data scientists, AI developers, technologists and data architects. Our target was to explain how computational storage transforms data processing, and which efficiencies can be achieve with computational storage.

We also had the pleasure to engage the audience by showcasing the different form factors of NGD Systems latest Newport hardware platform. We also provided the public with leaflets jointly presenting the Newport platform as well as our independent early market research on Computational Storage.

Overall, we are grateful for the meaningful discussions that we’ve had, and would like to thank NGD Systems and Scott Shadley for making this happen. We’d also like to thank Jos Keulers from, with whom we also have had very good interactions and quite passionate discussions about the state of the storage industry.