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TECHunplugged Will Be At CyberArk Impact Conference in Amsterdam

Cyber-Security is a very serious matter that has grown over the years and has reached public awareness. It has transformed from a niche topic that was of concern only to large organizations and IT / Information Security Risk stakeholders into a universal matter that impacts our daily lives.

The ubiquity of technology in our lives has erased the borders of work and private life. What used to be two distinct spheres have now merged, and social media hasn’t helped either. While we aren’t yet at a stage where we have a single database to track every human on the planet, the existence of very vast social media networks (and personas across these networks) makes it very easy to identify potential targets, understand their habits, their circle of personal / professional relationships, and makes it thus unprecedentedly simple for attackers to leverage social engineering in any attack techniques.

Add to this the fact that many individuals manage multiple aspects of their lives at their fingertips via mobile devices and applications: communications, financials, smart devices / home automation, and now even cars.

Security now goes far beyond what we used to have 10-15 years ago. It’s no longer about just securing endpoints or servers. It’s no longer just about firewalls. Whether for enterprises / organizations, for large cloud providers, or for the individual, new approaches are needed and that’s exactly why we are looking forward to CyberArk Impact.

We have the pleasure to announce that the TECHunplugged team will be joining CyberArk in Amsterdam on 22-May-19 at their CyberArk Impact conference.

This will be a great occasion for CyberArk to update TECHunplugged on their latest product announcements and initiatives, and TECHunplugged will be creating content with CyberArk. We are expecting to record a couple of podcast episodes, as well as some short videos that will be released gradually on our website and on social media, and if the time allows to tweet about what we hear and see.

Heartfelt thanks to CyberArk for making this possible!