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Clumio: backup in a cloud world

We are living in a fast-changing world where most companies are either using the cloud as their main IT infrastructure environment, or where companies are really investing time, effort and money in their transition to “the cloud”. In such a world it is important to have the right tools to protect your most critical business assets. The last couple of years we’ve seen backup solution providers thrive that offer solutions based on their strong knowledge of on premises datacenter solutions on top of which they then added cloud functionality. But solutions build with the cloud as its main source in mind and on-premises as its second is something not seen that often (yet). Clumio announces today a backup solution doing what I’ve just described, building a data management protection solution (starting as a SaaS Backup offering) build with the cloud in mind first.

Backup as a Service

Don’t get me wrong, because I totally hear you when you say that is not the first SaaS offering out there doing backup or protection of the IT departments environments. But there is always room for a new way of thinking and acting on the fast-changing world around us. Or as I like to call it instead of building a solution that is build on the knowledge of an on-premises world, Clumio is building a solution that is built on the knowledge of the off-premises world. With cloud companies the opportunity to choose between different methods to utilize IT resources like: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), there is a lot of potential. But even more services are built on top of the cloud, like Backup as a Service that Clumio is starting with. Does this mean that Clumio will stop there? Absolutely not, but it is a first step to build the Clumio Cloud Data Fabric.

Reducing backup complexity

With the cloud becoming the predominant choice of businesses, the complexity of making sure the environment is save through backup has not become easier. Thinking of all complexity in a on-premises environment and then adding a variety of cloud offering (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS and more) makes it an even more complex and challenging puzzle for the IT people. To ensure the environment is secure, a copy needs to reside on multiple backup entities at multiple location (on-premises and off-premises) and therefore often difficult choices need to be made. Clumio helps to protect the data on- and off-premises and provides the ease of use of a SaaS offering. Therefore, on the backend you don’t have to worry about backup redundancy and moving your backup data into multi-cloud or across regions.

The investors in Clumio

Investors are looking for companies that show excellent potential to invest their money in. Looking at Clumio the money already raised ($ 51M combined in Series A + B) and the investors involved: Mike Speiser (Sutter Hill), Mike Volpi (Index Ventures), Mark Leslie (Leslie Ventures) and John Thompson (Microsoft Chairman) all invested in Clumio.  A lot of trust and experience is put into Clumio with investors like this. It shows the huge potential of Clumio in an already crowded space.

TECHunplugged vision: He who holds the data is king

As mentioned before, Clumio is certainly not the first Backup solution out there. Heck, it isn’t even the first Backup SaaS offering. But looking at the potential in this market, and the Clumio philosophy of cloud first, it certainly is a company to have on your shortlist. Sure, there is still room for improvement and innovation, but Clumio eases the pain of implementing the Backup burden on the administrators, freeing up time to focus on the things that really matter for the company. Clumio will back up your on and off-premises environment and will keep it secure for you in a fashion where the client doesn’t have to think about difficult stuff like: DR, Cloud provider and so on. There is so much potential that we’re going to talk about in other posts and videos, but for now make sure to learn more about Clumio on the following channels: