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Talking with VeloCloud and SD-WAN Industry Experts at the London WAN Summit

We had the pleasure to visit London on 22-Oct-19 on the occasion of the London WAN Summit.

There, TECHunplugged worked with VeloCloud (an SD-WAN startup acquired by VMware in 2017, now a business unit of VMware) to bring together several renowned industry experts to record a sponsored discussion panel about the present & future of SD-WAN.

After this discussion, TECHunplugged also recorded an interview with Sanjay Uppal, VP & GM of VeloCloud. Sanjay is also one of the co-founders of VeloCloud.

Discussion Panel

The panel comprised of four panelists and one moderator (names from left to right in the video below):

  • Leo Whyte (Panelist – Management Consultant, PA Consulting)
  • Greg Ferro (Panelist – Co-Founder at Packet Pushers)
  • Max Mortillaro (Moderator – TECHunplugged)
  • Sanjay Uppal (Panelist – VP & GM of VeloCloud, now part of VMware – also Co-Founder of VeloCloud)
  • Samir Desai (Panelist – Director of Product Management EMEA at GTT)
From left to right: Leo Whyte, Greg Ferro, Max Mortillaro, Sanjay Uppal, Samir Desai

This discussion panel helps better understand where the SD-WAN industry currently is, what challenges are still around and more importantly how SD-WAN is changing the game in wide area networks.

Performance, security, cost, and ease of deployment / maintenance were among the topics discussed. We feel that this was a very lively discussion with panelists clearly hoping for an even faster adoption of SD-WAN.

Interview with Sanjay Uppal

Perhaps the most striking term is around the “Network of Clouds”. This is a really interesting topic that Sanjay briefly touches upon during this interview, but we have been also recording much more content with VeloCloud on this topic at VMworld Europe 2019 in Barcelona, so stay tuned for this content to be published very soon.

Watch the full interview below:

TECHunplugged’s Max Mortillaro interviews Sanjay Uppal, VP & GM of VMware VeloCloud business unit