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Cisco Live Europe 2020 – Introduction and Expectations

Image by Zsuzsanna Tóth from Pixabay

After a well-deserved year-end break, the TECHunplugged crew is back, reporting from Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona. Resuming what is almost a tradition now, we joined the Tech Field Day friends for Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. What was in this year?

It would be presumptuous for us to make a recapitulation of network announcements and presentations, so we will focus primarily on Data Center and Security announcements. We recorded several videos while in Barcelona, and we will be releasing posts gradually on our blog to accompany each video and dive a bit deeper into each topic.

For now, we would recommend you to watch our pre-event expectations video, so you can get an understanding of what we’ve been looking at during this event. We’re talking not only about Cisco UCS and HyperFlex, but also about Arjan’s experience last week at Storage Field Day 19 (Dell PowerOne) and we even talk about the defunct VSPEX!

Another discussion point is around IoT, particularly IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), where content created by us will hopefully soon be released (we’ll let you all know in time!).

So relax, enjoy the video and see you soon here for another blog post!

TECHunplugged at Cisco Live Europe 2020 – Introduction video


All expenses, travel and lodging costs were incurred by TECHunplugged, except a couple dinners and food / beverages during the Tech Field Day Extra sessions. TECHunplugged wasn’t compensated and will not be compensated for expenses, nor for any content created during the event. The content that was or will be created does not constitutes sponsored content.