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To the clouds and beyond

Today will be the start of the Cloud Field Day 9 event. Yes this is an online event but really nothing in the whole industry can compete with the Tech Field Day events that Stephen Foskett and his GestaltIT team have established over all these years. And like I mentioned due to Covid-19 the event needed to change from physical to virtual but with the current setup it nears the physical events really close.

In the next couple of days we (the delegates) will see a couple of amazing companies presenting their technologies and strategy being presented on. And you know what the amazing thing is about this? You can join us on a livestream ( and you can even ask your questions (via twitter and #CFD9) to be part of the presentation.

The list of presenting companies is really amazing and if you’re into multi/public or hybrid cloud solutions this is really a great event for you. The list of presenting companies includes:

  • VMware
  • Pure Storage (Portworx)
  • Scality
  • Storpool
  • NetApp
  • AWS
  • Red Hat

Again this is amazing list of companies, and I’m really honored to be a delegate at this event. I’ve made a short video on this topic as well which can be viewed here: