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Commvault will present at TFD22

Tomorrow will be the start of the GestaltIT Tech Field Days 22, where both Max as myself wil be attending as delegates. We’re always honored to be invited to these events, and for us these events really stick out of the main stream when you look at the way these are put together and the information and knowledge that comes out of it. If you’re interested in becoming a delegate yourself please head over to the become a delegate website: and if you hesitate or need more info please reach out to Max (@Darkkavenger) or myself (@Arjantim) and we’re more than happy to tell you more.

Tomorrow starts of with one of the companies that we at TECH_unplugged really have an amazing relationship with and we really look forward on hearing more of this amazing company. As we’ve worked with Commvault in the past and worked with Metallic when they launched in the EMEA region. I’ll include the the videos we’ve made so you can use them as an intro for what is coming tomorrow.

The Metallic offering is one of those innovations done by Metallic that really puts them on top of the market. Long we’ve looked at Commvault as one of those companies that have been around for ages, had a great product but lacked the innovation. That changed drastically the last couple of years and with the innovation and strategic buy in of external companies, the change done by Commvault really moved them into a top spot in the industry.

Making sure companies can protect their resources on, and in, all on- and off-premises environments by providing solutions that can protect things like Office 365 (everything included like projects online as well as sharepoint online) Kubernetes (K8s) backup and much more, really makes Commvault a competitor to take into account when you’re looking for the right tool to protect your environment.

So if you need more information, make sure to join us live tomorrow (if you have any live question make sure to aks it on twitter using the hashtag #TFD22) and do some homework by watching the videos below:

See you tomorrow!

Techunplugged interview for the EMEA launch of Metallic with Marco Fanizzi & Mark Jow VP Systems

Techunplugged Interview for the UKI launch of Metallic Jonathan Bowl & John Day

Techunplugged interview for the Nordics launch of Metallic with Anders Stinger & Rikard Lindkvist

Techunplugged interview for the Benelux launch of Metallic with Bart Tournier & Paul Hollebon (DUTCH)

Techunplugged interview for the Italian launch of Metallic w/ Edwin Passarella & Sergio Feliziani (ITALIAN)