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Quantum will present at TFD22

Later today we’ll have a presentation at TFD22 from the Quantum team. To be fair I’ve heard from Quantum multiple times during my career in IT, but never really worked with products of them and therefore never really took the time to really look into them. Until now they were a company in providing their customers with storage resources, and if needed I would look into what they were offering. With the GestaltIT Tech Field Days 22 coming up, and me being being a delegate during this amazing event I wanted to educate myself a little on what the Quantum company is really doing. So first look at the “About us” section of their website.

Who Quantum is:

If we look at what Quantum describes itself as, it goes like this:

At Quantum, we focus on creating innovative technology and solutions to help our customers get the most value from their data. With 40 years of storage know-how, Quantum’s technology, solutions, and services help customers capture, create, and share digital content – and preserve and protect it for decades. Whether it’s unlocking the potential of digital content, powering breakthrough innovations, creating entertainment that enriches lives, or keeping nations secure, Quantum works with customers and partners to make the world a happier, safer, and smarter place.

Quantum about us page

First of all, that is an amazing achievement to be 40 years in business, especially in this industry and it is a huge achievement.

Also Quantum has a big list of offerings in their portfolio worth mentioning of which I want to name two.

Video Recording Servers

If I think of  recording digital content, I’m mostly thinking about the devices needed to record the video. Having the right media to store the recordings is as important. And lots of times we think about a couple of Gigs (Maybe a couple of TB’s) that we need to store as content creators, the Quantum customers are generating content on a much larger scale, and thus require a different storage solution that need to stored, monitored and analysed in the right way. Quantum has multiple offerings to support their customers tackle these challenges:

  •  Quantum VS-HCI Series:  This offering provides hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for surveillance recording and video management. Quantim VS-HCI can be bought as a 2U rack mount server, or an  4U, 60-drive rack mount server.
  • Quantum VS-NVR Series: Quantum offers a broad portfolio of network video recording (NVR) servers for surveillance environments. These are available in a multiple of form factors, to meet the client needs for recording and retaining footage from hundreds of cameras for months or years.
  • Quantum VS2108-A: Video analytics is used a lot for security, loss prevention, and get more out of the stored data. These insights need calculation that goes beyond what a normal CPU is capable of. Therefore the Quantum VS2108-A provides the ability to add GPU’s into the system to fmeet the requirements of the customer.
  • Quantum VS1110-A Application Server: In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) where everything we know is somehow connected to the internet en buidlings and everything in it. With the VS1110-A Quantum provides its customers an easy manageable and scalable solution for these kind of workloads.

Object Storage

In the world of cloud Object Storage is known by everyone. In the on-premises environments this much less known, and much less used although more and companies are either buying in to this or they already use it. Using it in the most optimal way is defined by a fine balance in which on- and off-premises solutions are used to their full potential. Quantum does offer its customers ActiveScale, which they bought from Western Digital not that long ago, to provide Object storage services to their customers. 

ActiveScale Use Cases

The Quantum website provides a couple of great use cases for their ActiveScale product like:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Medical and Scientific Research
  • Media and Entertainment production
  •  Enterprise Archiving and Long Term Retention
  • Video Surveillance 
  • Data protection

 All of these require their fare share of storage capacity and performance. And I’m eager to hear more about how ActiveScale helps the Quantum customers tackle this challenge. Make sure to follow us this afternoon using the following link: Tech Field Day 22 – Tech Field Day and if you have any questions that you would like to answered during the event, go to Twitter and ask your question using the #TFD22 hashtag. One of the delegates will probably pick that up and ask your question for you. See you there!!