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VMware will present their Disaster Recovery solution at Tech Field Day 22

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This is the last day of the GestaltIT Tech Field Day 22 event and it promises to be a great finale! Today we’ll have VMware to present on their Disaster Recovery option, which they bought from Datrium earlier this year. The Tech Field Day family knows Datrium well, as they’ve presented on multiple other events in the past. Here is a link to the Tech Field Day website that will lead you to all the previous recordings:

Doing Disaster Recovery right is a hard way to do, and when you take into account that Datrium is Cloud Disaster Recovery, you might see the reason why VMware acquired Datrium. With Datrium having a second datacenter might be a thing of the past as they provide you the ability to replicate your resources directly to the Cloud.

Furthermore the Datrium service provides you the insight and automation needed in these disaster recovery situations and that will provide a huge benefit for organizations looking at DR options like these.

I’m really looking forward to this presentation and would love to invite you to join us live during this presentation using the following link:

Last but certainly not least, if you have questions during the presentation that you would like one of the delegates to ask, head over to twitter and ask your question using the #TFD22 hashtag. See you in a couple of hours!