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TECHunplugged Proudly Supports Commvault Metallic BaaS Launch in France and Germany!

We’re firm believers in innovation at TECHunplugged, and when we were approached recently by Commvault to help support their launch in France and Germany, as a part of the broader second wave of EMEA launch. Needless to say, we gladly accepted the challenge!

But before watching the videos (provided you are looking at French and German content), what is the launch about?

Strenghthening Global Coverage

On the 26th of January, expanded EMEA availability for Metallic was announced. In Europe, the service was extended to France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Spain and Switzerland, and if we expand to the EMEA region, South Africa also gets added.

The service is now available in 23 countries worldwide, as shown below.

Metallic Global Coverage

New Features

Metallic BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) has been further expanded to cover a bigger breadth of use cases.

Metallic BaaS Scope

Database backup has been enhanced to support Oracle workloads as well as Active Directory databases. These two new use cases join Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA for a comprehensive enterprise-class coverage of critical workloads.

On the SaaS front, the existing Office 365 backup solution is joined by a new Salesforce backup service, offering enterprise-grade protection for this key asset.

Salesforce protection in a nutshell

As Manoj Nair, General Manager at Metallic says it in his own blog post, the combination of Metallic capabilities with Commvault’s broad scope of solutions almost gives them an unfair advantage in BaaS.

Addressing France and Germany Concerns

France and Germany are two economy heavyweights in the EMEA region, both countries have a strong culture and deeply rooted particularities. We are not exaggerating when stating that customer protection / privacy laws are very strongly perceived in both countries.

In fact, most public cloud providers are looked by governments and people alike – and by extension, organizations – as place where sensitive data should not be placed to avoid any potential future litigations.

With Metallic, Commvault has taken particular care to address and remediate those potential hurdles, ensuring that the Metallic service is in full compliance with EU GDPR laws. Metallic has a FAQ covering these aspects here.

TECHunplugged Video Interviews

Metallic Launch in Germany with Commvault Area Vice President for Germany, Elke Steinegger and Metallic Technical Specialist, Christian Kubik
Metallic Launch in France with Commvault Area Vice President for France, Gregory Villard and Metallic Technical Specialist and Sales Engineer, Xavier Bourdelois

The videos can also be seen on French and German Commvault websites.

TECHunplugged’s Opinion

Commvault is on a success streak with this second wave of Metallic launches across the EMEA region. This clearly highlights the commitment of Commvault in supporting their customers towards their cloud journey.

But perhaps most importantly yet, it shows that Sanjay Mirchandani’s strategy to transform Commvault into a trusted and modern data protection solution provider is absolutely paying off, at least from a capability perspective. This is turning into reality thanks to the hard work from the folks at Metallic, under Manoj Nair’s guidance.

We do not say this because Commvault is a TECHunplugged customer. Rather, we look at what is being developed (at a rapid pace) and offered to customers. This strategy will pay off because organizations working with Commvault can benefit from a single platform to achieve many different outcomes, whether on-premises or in the cloud.