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Commvault Launches Metallic MSP Offering, Partners with SoftwareONE as Global Design Partner

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The Announcement

Today, Commvault announced the launch of its Managed Service Provider partnership for their award-winning Metallic Backup-as-a-Service solution with SoftwareONE. SoftwareONE, is Metallic’s first MSP Global Design Partner, and the company will launch a service called BackupSimple powered by Metallic.

Commvault said that the partnership with SoftwareONE will allow them to “offer their customers industry-leading data protection, while simplifying partner adoption via the rapid time to value, lower costs, and ease of management that comes with SaaS”.

SoftwareONE’s CEO Dieter Schlosser stated: “We’re honored to be Metallic’s first MSP design partner, enhancing our managed services portfolio to help protect, manage, and optimize our customers’ infrastructure and critical data in the cloud. Our managed services provide the deep technical expertise and 24x7x365 operational capabilities that our customers need for their business operations. With this approach, our digital, commercial technology transformation teams are able to partner with our customers to drive their agenda for their users as part of a workplace modernization or enable scalable modern application delivery through the cloud for users or partners, free from the day-to-day operational burden.”

This announcement is important for several reasons that we will be covering further.

Strategic Partnership with SoftwareONE

The Metallic Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering, which is built on top of Microsoft Azure, is already available in 24 countries. Launching such a service for MSPs requires a partnership with a major MSP which must have undisputed leadership in the market, global coverage, and proven experience with Microsoft Azure.

SoftwareONE, a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions which operates in 90 countries, has a revenue of nearly $9 Billion USD and around 65,000 customers turned out to be the most natural choice.

Not only SoftwareONE has the scale to make the launch viable and successful, but they also are Microsoft Azure’s #1 largest partner. SoftwareONE also significantly collaborated with Metallic on adapting Metallic’s offering to fit the needs of MSPs, thus earning them the title of Global Design Partner.

Metallic’s MSP launch with SoftwareONE brings value to organizations of all sizes, across a broad range of workloads, and with global availability.

BackupSimple powered by Metallic

BackupSimple powered by Metallic will enable SoftwareONE customers to reap the benefits of Metallic’s best-in-class data protection and data management capabilities.

Metallic supports a broad set of workloads such as SaaS applications, Endpoints and Hybrid Cloud environments. In the SaaS world, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are supported.  Hybrid cloud data protection is comprehensive: the solution supports virtual environments such as VMware and VMC, as well as Hyper-V and Azure VM. Kubernetes clusters are also supported. Supported databases currently include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, and Active Directory. Finally, Metallic also supports a broad set of file & object stores on-premises (Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux File Systems) and in the cloud (Azure Blob and Azure files).

SoftwareONE customers will get the exact same set of capabilities, fully integrated with the other services they already consume from SoftwareONE.

An overview of BackupSimple powered by Metallic, in SoftwareONE’s colors.

Looking beyond – Value for the MSP Partner Ecosystem

At a broader scale, this launch is also a positive signal for Commvault’s broad MSP partner community. MSPs of all sizes will soon get the possibility to leverage Metallic’s best-in-class SaaS backup offering to accelerate and simplify the delivery of data protection services to end customers.

The global launch of the Commvault Metallic partnership with SoftwareONE also acts as a framework for future Metallic MSP Partner engagement, as it will be the foundation for the new Metallic MSP Partner program.  Metallic will present SoftwareONE’s journey as well as demonstrate the benefits derived from the MSP Portal, such as APIs to facilitate onboarding of customers and workloads, user management, and monthly consumption for invoicing.

TECHunplugged’s Opinion

Data protection is a critical component of every organization’s IT strategy. Organizations relying on MSPs to deliver IT services need to take MSP data protection capabilities into account. We believe that Metallic’s MSP program launch with SoftwareONE as a Global Design Partner is mutually beneficial to both organizations.

Metallic is the most comprehensive BaaS offering currently available in the market, combining straightforward cloud economics and outstanding user experience. SoftwareONE can now vastly improve their customer experience through Metallic’s unique value proposition, protecting a broad set of workloads with enterprise-grade capabilities, and offering fast ramp-up and disconcerting ease of use. SoftwareONE’s experience with Microsoft Azure and their contributions to Metallic’s MSP solution design should set the bar about BaaS done right in an MSP context.

Metallic on the other hand gains better market penetration as well as invaluable experience in the MSP world with SoftwareONE, an undisputed leader in the MSP market. This experience allows Metallic to further improve their MSP offering and bolster adoption within the MSP partner ecosystem once the solution will be made available to the broader MSP community.

Finally, the MSP launch with SoftwareONE is important to Metallic and Commvault in terms of market leadership. Commvault and Metallic are leaders in the Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Market, as per GigaOm’s latest reports for SMB and Enterprise segments (TECHunplugged comprehensively contributed to the creation of these reports with Arjan Timmerman a co-author to the Enteprise report, and Max Mortillaro a co-author to the SMB report).

In these reports, the only missing piece for Metallic was the lack of an MSP program. The partnership with SoftwareONE not only addresses this challenge but also gives Metallic a very strong start into the MSP world which will allow them to fast-track implementation of MSP-specific features.