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The Industry's Finest

TECHunplugged works with some of the best companies across the IT industry. We are proud of our portfolio of present & past customers. Our attendance to major industry events and analyst oriented events places us uniquely to talk not only about products, but also about strategy and broader market movements.


We perform independent market research

We launched TECHunplugged Industry Insights in October 2018 as an independent outlook to existing or emerging IT disciplines. In those research papers, we study industry trends, market movements and the positioning of the most relevant vendors in the studied segment. We then provide our own analysis while keeping a vendor-neutral stance.


Need independent & creative content? We have your back.

As well-known, independent industry influencers we aim to deliver striking content that underlines your organization’s messaging while adhering to our own style & writing guidelines.

We put your messaging in context with the broader industry trends & movements to provide content consumers with an alternative viewpoint.

The outcome: professional, independent content which delivers external validation and increased recognition, while also touching audiences that are disheartened with traditional vendor communication. 

We are proud members of the broader IT community, which gives us the privilege of working with an extended circle of experienced, independent industry analysts & influencers.

TECHunplugged can tap into the potential of our contributor community to deliver even broader perspectives & viewpoints on your messaging.

Launched in 2018, the TECHunplugged Podcast has delivered both in content, quality & regularity.

Our podcast targets a niche audience of decision makers & industry experts; it has become a communication outlet of choice for emerging start-ups, industry figures and major industry events.

Podcast episodes usually cover broader industry trends movements, new start-up launches, as well as product announcements.

We launched our own market research brand in October 2018.

Branded “TECHunplugged Industry Insights”, these research papers cover hot topics in the IT industry.

Our early market coverage of the emerging Computational Storage discipline has proved that there is widespread demand for this kind of content.

While we create content that can be consumed worldwide, we have the advantage of being based in Europe.

We understand the specificity and cultural subtleties of our region and its many countries. Communication and engagement with European customers differs from the North American experience, we’re here to help you get it right.

We’re multilingual and help you cover your communication / content creation in several languages, ensuring maximum coverage across the largest markets in the EMEA region.

Trust takes time to build, but only moments to be shattered. We consider trust to be the major foundational pillar of TECHunplugged. We owe trust to our audience, our industry friends, and to our business partners.

Honesty & Accountability are also key values to us.

Honesty towards our business partners & industry friends, but also towards our audience, to which we aim to deliver only honest & factual content.

We are also accountable to deliver upon our promises & engagements, both from a timing and quality perspective.

resources for it professionals

Tired of buzzwords? We have you covered.

At TECHunplugged, we come from the trenches of the Enterprise IT world. We know the challenges faced by IT professionals because we've also gone through them.

Through our podcast, white papers and blog articles, we strive to create content that helps you understand how the IT world is evolving and how to navigate through it. Ultimately, we aim to help you take informed decisions that can help you personally in your career as an IT professional, as well as professionally in making choices that benefit your business.
podcast episodes (as of September 2019)

Our Services

Writing Services

TECHunplugged can help you with the creation of sponsored white papers, solution briefs, case studies or technical deep dives. Our value comes from an independent perspective on the problematic covered in the white paper or document. When needed, we also involve TECHunplugged’s community of industry analysts to augment our content with relevant independent expert opinions and commentaries.

We can also help customers who seek a steady pipeline of compelling content to enrich their corporate blog with external insights and opinions. These can be either individual, standalone articles focusing on a specific topic or a series of articles covering a broader topic of general interest.

Articles can cover product introduction, technical deep-dives, technical guidance for specific context or be focusing on industry problematics that are linked with the vendor’s core business and marketing objectives.

Have a look at some of our latest content in our Resources section.

Media Services

Multimedia content has been gaining momentum; podcasts and videos are essential elements of a communication strategy to provide complete coverage with different consumption formats.

TECHunplugged proposes different solutions that can be combined together:

  • our TECHunplugged Podcast (available on iTunes and all major podcasting platforms) provides a free audience to vendors and has a proven track of participation with multiple prestigious hosts
  • short video series, where we record several 5-minute videos on topics of your choice for release on social media
  • video interviews
  • webinars

Arjan Timmerman

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About Us

We both are seasoned IT professionals coming from the trenches of Enterprise IT. 

We have both written a lot content, run a podcast and have made many appearances to major IT industry events, including the acclaimed live-streamed Tech Field Day event series.

Arjan is Dutch and based in the Netherlands, while Massimiliano (Max) is French and based in the Czech Republic.


Massimiliano Mortillaro

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