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TECHunplugged Industry Insights – The Solid-State Memory Industry in 2019


With no faltering in capacity demand, the flash memory industry finds itself in interesting times.

Exciting times from a development and research perspective, with new technologies reaching mass production, and a steady pace of improvement from a capacity and performance perspective.

But also, uncertain times: massive investments made to satisfy demand, combined with strategic developments in Asia may put the industry at risk of oversupplying the market and causing steep price declines. Or could a significant price drop drive more flash adoption and bring balance?

This TECHunplugged Industry Insights research covers the major events in the solid-state memory industry in 2018 and provides outlook about trends and expected developments in 2019 and beyond.

We will analyze market movements in the industry, cover the latest developments for each solid-state memory class, analyze potential outcomes and develop hypothesis on where the market – and most importantly, the technology – will be headed at.

We will finally also cover the impact of these fundamental changes on the hard disk market, especially the density increases in 3D QLC NAND drives and what we can expect from the next generations.